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Caelan's Custom Episodes is an American YouTube Series based on SpongeBob SquarePants by Stephen Hillenburg and has been created by Caelan Blair for Caelan Blair Productions. This Series Chronicles the adventures and endeavors of SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends in the fictional underwater sea of Bikini Bottom.
Caelan's Custom Episodes
No Logo Avalabile
Genre Comedy

Surreal comedy


Created by Caelan Blair
Developed by Kool Sponge
Animatic Director(s) Caelan Blair
Voices of TBA
Narrated by TBA
Composers Anyone who has been on SpongeBob
Country of Origin United States
Original Lanuage English

French (Title Cards)

Number of Episodes 20
Executive Producer Caelan Blair
Supervising Producers TBA
Producers Mr. King
Music Editors FlashdawnX

Caelan Blair

Big Oof

Running Time 11 to 16 minutes
Original YouTube Channel Caelan Blair 2
Original Release TBA 2020


# Title Animation Director Written by Storyboard Directors Release Date Views (After 3 Days) Community Opinion Prod. Code
1 "St. Patrick's Party" Caelan Blair
2 "The Ice Cream Effect" Big Oof
3 "Thanksgiving, What?"
4 "Bankrupt!"
5 "Lego SpongeBob" Caelan Blair
6 "The Absorbent Brother" Bearnation
7 "The Very Unlucky Day"
8 "Triple Trouble"
9 "Welcome to Bikini Bottom"
10 "Eels & Escalators" Caelan Blair
11 "Sandy, Patrick, and the Snail" Caelan Blair
12 "Secret? What's That?"
13 "The Show"
14 "Snailed it" (Story by Instrumental Sponge)

Caelan Blair

15 "The Blinding"
16 "Not-So-Pilot" Neighborino & Caelan Blair
17 "Holey Moley" Kool Sponge
18 "Turn that frown Upside Down"
19 "Gary Falls Down the Stairs" Caelan Blair
20 "A Seastarring Adventure" Caelan Blair

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